Bowls can be played all year round both indoors or outdoors but lawn bowls is an outside game and is usually played from May until September. Bowling is an extremely skilful, satisfying and sociable pursuit which can help to maintain your co-ordination, balance and concentration. Taking place outside it can also help with mental relaxation and mindfulness to achieve a sense of well-being and achievement.

The game of bowls is played by opposing sides. but may be played as a singles match or in teams of pairs, triples or fours. Playing alternately, the aim is to get your bowl(s) nearest to the “jack” to score points. This may be done by “drawing” your bowls to the “jack” or by knocking your opponent’s scoring bowl off the Jack and taking its place. Each bowl has an in-built “bias”, so skill is required to know which line to take up the “green” and the weight of the delivery to achieve the required result. Ground and weather conditions may also have an impact in the ease or difficulty of reaching the target jack.

The sport is great fun when played at a friendly match level but also extremely competitive at Club, District and County levels. Our Club provides an environment suitable to enjoy the sport both socially and competitively. We can offer coaching and help initially with equipment you need to get started. Then it’s up to you to practice and have fun.